Studio Verbaan

Studio Verbaan, founded by Solange Frankort and Jordi Verbaan in 2019, is renowned for its contemporary, limited designs. The studio employs simple graphic forms to craft timeless and enduring designs that seamlessly integrate elements of furniture, objects, and sculpture. Their creations are often playful and multifunctional. The pieces don't adhere to a fixed composition, allowing for a dynamic and ever-evolving exploration of form and function. This flexibility ensures that each creation possesses a unique character. The contrast between minimalistic shapes and traditional craftsmanship extends beyond mere functionality, purposefully maintaining an air of ambiguity.

In 2024, Studio Verbaan expanded its repertoire by venturing into jewelry, transforming existing designs into silver pendants and earrings. This direct translation from sculpture to jewelry showcases their commitment to pushing creative boundaries. Studio Verbaan aims to produce products that are not only beautifully crafted but also made with high-quality materials and a commitment to traditional craftsmanship, all expressed through a minimalist language. Every piece is exclusively crafted and made-to-order in the Netherlands and there is no waste factor in our production. The processing time for all orders is 5 – 20 working days.